The Closing Ritual

Each year the Harvest Moon conference hosts a closing ritual at the end of the day by one of the local groups within the area. We do our best to make sure that we invite people to perform the ceremony who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the subject. Everyone is welcome to attend and in the past we have had a whole range of different traditions. Last year the ritual was being performed by the Treading the Boards group, which is organised by the Norfolk Pagan Federation.

The Rite of the Three Crowns

Last year the closing ritual followed the cycle of the Solar God within the Cycle of Tides, in which the King is crowned and later willingly  sacrifices himself, so that his blood can make fertile the land. Like many of the Harvest Moon rituals, this Eucharistic ritual was at the very cutting edge of tradition.

About Treading the Boards

Treading the Boards is an open group, which meets monthly to rehearse and practice dramatic Pagan ritual, as well learn more about ritual construction and technique in general. It is not targeted at any particular path or tradition, but rather utilises the methods which are shared across all the Western traditions within the Arte Magical. Anyone is welcome to attend and no prior experience is required. There is no need to book tickets in advance or commit to any level of attendance; just turn up on one of the nights and join in. The only restriction is that you must be a current member of the Pagan Federation and you must be willing to participate.