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Harvest Moon 2017 welcomes Marian Green

posted 29 Aug 2017, 13:39 by Stacy Cosham

Marian Green is a british author who has been working in the fields of magic, witchcraft and the Western Mysteries since the early 1960s.  She founded and continues to organise the Quest Conference held every year in the UK and has edited the magazine Quest since founding it in 1970. She created the Green Circle, a network of pagans and magicians, in 1982. She was previously a council member of the Pagan Federation and the editor of Pagan Dawn.

Born in London in 1944 but raised in a rural area, Green met other pagans after entering university at 29. As of 2002 she had worked in publishing for most of her career. Her latest book is A Witch Alone

We will be receiving a special talk from Marian at the conference, that ties in nicely with our workshops. Her talk will centre around woodland and field witchcraft. Looking at how to practice on a practical level using what is around you, regardless of whether you are deep in the forest or in an inner city park